Post a picture of your city!

You can hide the User Interface by pressing F4 and make screenshots with F12.

You can find the screenshots in C:/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/AppData/LocalLow/Dionic Software/InfraSpace

I’d love to see what you guys have been working on, especially if your city has had time to grow!

This is a fun little game, i do enjoy the city builders
Now that iv seen the size of the stadium and how much food etc is required… my spacing isnt enough lol
Going to start over next play and space everything alot more

Heres my first attempt at a city

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Very fun Game . I like

Here my City so far.

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My picture is too big to upload??? 4.2 MB.

Are you using the F12 to take screenshot?
each of my pics taken are like 2.5mb

@Ancient1 - your image is saved as a png file. Try changing it to a jpeg file.

You can usually right click on your image and select ‘Edit with Paint 3D’.
When in Paint 3D just save your image as a jpeg and it will be much smaller than the original.

Otherwise use a good and easy resizing program like PIXresizer - been around for decades and still good at its job… :smile:

Edit: out of interest, normally this website automatically reduces images to below 1mb.
So unless you are having upload issues (from your internet provider) there really shouldn’t be too many problems :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the help all. Have all the food, all the pleasure. 5.1 release ratios are better. Not sure how much steel is needed for all the buildings. Will follow up later. No bugs encountered. Would be great to be able to idle a building rather than demolish to get workers balanced.

i am a bit stuck getting all for lvl 4, but i enjoy how the game work, but is really hard to being unable to move the buildings.

Much, much better ratio for the goods usage
when continueing my game i was actually able to scale back the stadiums and goodfood abit freeing up more workers
my little testsite has 10 habitats, good idea to have a small town as such to work out what you need before scaling it up for a large city :smiley:

good thing to note, looks like lvl4 habitat doesnt need survival food, so when you have most upgraded those can be removed, thought it would be that way anyway, still good to see

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Hi there!
Awsome game u brought to us. i only experienced first version of testing, now i will get the new one.
I had problems with survival food distribution even though i hade more than 1 building for each habitat level 3. Also i got 4 meal buildings and 20 meat buildings and some of meat buildings gathered 10 meat but didnțt distributed it while meal buildings asking for meat… and there was close to each other ( this also happens with oxygen.
Also i think that when the timer starts for 60 sec on upgrading, that habitat should not consume ( i often got reset at 10 sec or more) before finishing upgrading).
A better management of workers should be added increasing quality of management experience…
I was intrigued by the 60% rule and i thought a lot how can i make use of that and after few tests i managed to find out ( beacause u can build more space ports) that i can have 1 lvl 3 habitat( 15 workers) and 1 lvl 1 habitat (10 workers) so for 10 lvl3 i have 9 lvl 1 ( only with oxygen :slight_smile: ) then when i get a new lvl1 habitat in main city i keep my lvl 3 pop at 60% … your welcome :)))
Upgrading roads without distroying them or the ability to relocate and rotate buildings will make this game a great experience for management and landscape design.
i noticed that meat buildings and robots buildings are producing way slower then habitants consume( for old version)
This is a picture of my growing town( old version) and i now start the new version). can i play a save from previos version?
Keep up the good work and thank you!

Yey!!! my first level 4 Habitat
Still going slow with robots production
I played the new version but on an old save. there are still trucks dissapear, there are still production that stack while that product is needed.
Also there are no trucks with steel coming out from deposit

I love the signs, great way to add some personality to the city!

Very nice. First level 4 I have seen. I can not get enough workers to make enough robots. to get there. Was nice to see I could scale back the stadiums. One problem I see is that the habitats use more when not full. This appears to force us to overproduce to get them filled up but once they are filled we then demolish the extra production that is not needed. I would prefer to build what is needed and watch the habitats slowly fill till equilibrium. Maybe I am missing something though. Having fun but frustrated with not getting their. Actually left the game running through dinner to get a lot of steel. Now the motor factories are fighting with the warehouse for steel and always short of steel. Perhaps too far from the steel mills? Would be nice to set limits for the warehouse levels.

Hello everyone! Just started playing. I am basically getting to know the game.

I have experienced a couple of problems. For example the sound sometimes gets very loud or just suddenly stops and if I move my screen a bit it continues. Sometimes very loudly again and very suddenly.

Also pathfinding of the vehicles seems to be the simplest and if something happens they just disappear. Not being able to upgrade a road caused a gridlock and most of the time I solve it by touching and changing the roads because at least then the vehicles disappear.

Plus it is hard to keep up with all the resources… And I am a hardcore city builder/strategy games player. It would be nice to have tab where I could see what I have, what is the production rate and how much my city requires. (It would be outmost awesome if it was possible by whole city/region tab.

And it seems my storage went full because some steel mill just stopped meanwhile I was waiting to get more steel. So when I realised this I just built more storage and seemed to solve the issue.

All in all will be a good game.

You can make an area that is not connected via road to your motor factories for making steel
afew irons mine, steel factories , air for carbon and warehouse… not connected to anything else for steel income, is nice that you can have areas cut off from the main road or population, doubt it will be like that forever lol

Thanks, i like to try an organize things, good for when 1 type of goods is not producing enough, ill expand its area instead of adding more randomly around a massive city :smiley:

My latest version.
Plan is to delete schools, finish research for level 4 and then build an area for Vr just to see how it works. i will connect it from the south-east

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Have only been playing a couple of days, but enjoying it immensely.
My first full city… well,Level 4


I have the lower level habitats at the maximum number of people before the higher level downgrades from population ratio. The only way I can make enough vredutaiment will be to demolish all my research facilities. I am going to do that to get to the next level. The last release helped a lot particularly with the schools.

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two hours later. neural processor is a bitch. Faster or less requirements. Starting be tedious not fun.