Friday Dev News #64 - Hiring

Hello everyone,

New Features for the Next Major Update

Lots of people have been asking for it, so here you go: a production overview for your districts!

Some players love creating spreadsheets and calculate supply and demand down to the last item, so to make it a little easier, you’ll get more information in the factory tooltips, like resources produced per minute:


InfraSpace has been doing well so far, so we’re looking to expand our team and add more content. If you are or you know a skilled software engineer or environment / prop artist, check out the details:

Community Screenshots

Unfortunately, our artist has been sick for the past 2 weeks, so you’re not getting any new art to look at today. While he’s at home getting better (best wishes!), I thought it would be a good idea to highlight our community cities instead.

You can find them either on this InfraSpace forum thread, on the Steam forum, or on our Discord server.

My personal favorite at the moment is this amazing city by BenBen on Steam:

Link to his post here: Steam Community :: Screenshot

And as always,
happy playing!



Awesome! This should help a lot.

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