Post a picture of your city!

i had 9 nerural fact for 3 vr and 3 robots , i wish i had 12 but that required lot more nano , microcip, etc and also trafic would have become a problem.
Also, destroy the spaceport i u have the populatin at maximum
I went for level 5 only after i destroyed the researc modules beacause they need iron, carbon, alumin and a lot of people working that u have to focus on other places
Good luck

Arminius seems to have the road infrastructure modeling down to a science in this sim. Hats off to you.

I tried a roundabout approach, which worked early on but due to u-turn trucks has become a bane when the city became larger. Arminius suggested a triangular or hexagonal approach. I wanted to reiterate that for newcomers to the game.


Yeah, Arminius has gathered quite some experience.

But your city looks great, too, @Diversiam!

Not necessarily the best idea to build on a hillside :crazy_face: :wink:

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My city so far, almost have everything on tier 4. But it took a lot of afking of the city to get this. Robots need a bit of tuning they take too much of your workforce XD. I separated the concrete and steel and went light on research.

The overpasses need bit of tuning its hard build them like in Skylines. However, the mines off screen do use them import the goods to factories instead of everything coming through the middle of city so the traffic AI is definitely smarter than Skylines not using the quickest route. I will use larger roads when the traffic despawning bug is fixed.

What will really help is if you can designate zones for your workforce to deliver to this works really well in Endzone/Banished with the marketplaces.

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My recent level up :grin:

Such a densely packed mish-mash…! I find Highways improve delivery schedules … Heh.