InfraSpace Terraforming Update Released!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Terraforming Update!

Terraforming the area around your city is our new large end game goal.

This update doesn’t only feature terraforming, but also some improvements and fixes, see changelog below. Also: all of your saves are compatible!


In order to terraform the planet, you will have to research a bunch of new technologies, build up some new production chains and build five different buildings to deal with the different aspects of terraforming.

Dust Particle Filtering

This is the first and easiest step of terraforming. The atmosphere on your planet is filled with some very fine dust. If your citizens are exposed to the fine dust for longer periods of time, the dust settles in their lungs, causing long term health problems. You will need to supply the dust particle filtering building with fresh filtering meshes to continue operating.


Soil Fertilization

In order to enable more plants to grow on this planet, the soil composition needs to be improved over a large area. In order to spread the fertilizer, you can use flying drones - as long as you provide them with tons of fertilizer!


(Note: currently the drones are not flying around the map yet, just a little above the building. Maybe in the next update!)

Ground Acidity Regulation

When you arrive, the ground water is way too acidic to sustain the kind of plants we know on earth. The ground acidity regulator reaches down to the ground water and removes the acidity in a large radius.


Ammonia Extraction

This building needs to reach high up in the atmosphere to extract all the ammonia necessary to make the air safe for humans. It requires expensive advanced filtering meshes to operate, but it covers a large area.


Magnetic Field Generation

Your planet does not have a protective magnetic field like the earth - and is therefore subject to way too much radiation. There is one solution: You can build a huge electromagnet that covers the whole map. You will need to construct this monument in multiple stages, like the huge adamantine drill. Once it’s done, you will need to supply it with superconducting coils and huge amounts of electricity.


Terraforming Panel

The terraforming panel will give you information about your current terraforming progress and what you need to accomplish in each category.

You can even turn on visualizations to quickly see your progress on the map and any spots you might have missed:

Performance: VAT and Impostors

This update we have taken game performance more seriously and started with some core optimizations. There are two main things:

First, we a technique called impostors to reduce triangle counts and draw calls in the distance. These are basically advanced billboards that look good from any angle. For example, trees in the distance are not rendered in full detail, but just as a simple plane.

Second, we optimized our animations to run almost solely on the graphics card. This technique is called Vertex Animation Textures (VAT) and reduces load on the CPU. Check out our huge animation test scene, where we can animate thousands of buildings with almost no performance hit:

There is a caveat though: These techniques require a little more memory. We will keep an eye out to see if this becomes a problem or not. Also, you can now change your memory consumption through the graphics settings. Finally, these improvements have nothing to do with simulation performance, which we’ll look at in the next update!


Here is the list with the most important changes:

  • terraforming!
  • 5 terraforming buildings, 3 new resources
  • terraforming panel with visualizations and stats
  • fixed a couple of save loading issues
  • fixed production priority panel resetting on load
  • added a bunch of new building sounds (park, arena, school, water buildings, methane buildings, terraforming buildings, solar panels)
  • some gondola pathfinding fixes (a piece of cargo used to take the gondola instead of faster alternatives)
  • VAT (animation performance)
  • Impostors (graphics performance)
  • RAM work (VAT and impostors take more RAM, but texture streaming optimizes RAM usage)
  • some small general performance improvements
  • some localization fixes

We’re excited to hear about your experiences with the Terraforming Update!

Happy playing!

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while building the magnetic field generator it turned into the giant drill, is this a known glitch?

Hello everyone,

thanks for your reports so far. We just released Patch 12.4.256.
This is just the first of a couple of bugfix updates that are going to come throughout the next days.

This time we fixed:

  • Fixed an issue with the game freezing while loading (if you still get any issues or crashes, please report!)
  • Magnetic Field Generator no longer turns into Adamantine Mine
  • Fixed a save loading issue that might fix an issue some players had with placing buildings and roads. Let us know if issues persist and send us your save for investigation

Thanks for your reports and for your patience. More bugfix updates are on the way.

Happy playing!


Hello everyone!

In the comments I promised a big bugfixing session on Monday and with update Alpha 12.5.257 we’re delivering the results:

  • fixed a multithreading issue that caused a number of bugs like power and consumption flickering
  • fixed error icons not showing up
  • fixed issue where you couldn’t place/move buildings and roads
  • fixed issues where you couldn’t select buildings and rocks
  • fixed an issue where road pathfinding was not set up properly after save loading
  • probably fixed mass upgrade/downgrade messages after returning from space scene

There are still a couple of fixes left for another bugfix patch, but this should already improve stability a lot!

Let us know how it’s going and thanks for the reports so far.

Happy playing!

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The “habitat up/downgraded” messages that used to pop up when switching back from the space ship now appear in the sky when panning down to the ground with the camera.

Here the camera points out of the map, there are no houses behind the mountain

@tuxle this has actually always been a thing, people usually just don’t notice :wink:

on the list to fix it though

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