Game stop letting you had or remove anythink after 2 minutes

i was in game has alway it was playing fine i haded some new buildind
and save the game 2 minutes later it stop letting had or remove or even move anythink
so i restarted the game it was fine but 2 minutes later it stop letting me had
anythink again this happen anytime i go in to game play now
has anyone else had this happen

Hey there, yeah this has happened to me as well. Sent my save file to the devs and we are waiting for a fix but this and other bugs (e.g., buildings not showing resource warning icons) makes the game unplayable, for me at least, at the minute! Just waiting for a fix in the mean time :slight_smile:

yes my game is unplayable twoat the min im hopping it dont take to long
to sort it out thanks for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face:

released a fix yesterday!

let me know if anyone still has issues!

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