Power grid bug

This may be related to being an old save or perhaps running the game for long period of time, however, i have found a that the power level of my city, both consumption and production going through persistent rapid changes. The changes start at the reported values (example i’ve got 490/280 power for my city) and dip down to lower numbers. As both values are fluctuating, it’s causing inconstancy through production through the city. I’ve notices some buildings actually shut down for a fraction of a second, then turn back on, so it’s not just a UI glitch. I’m lead to think that Either my save may have been corrupted with the update ( not a very big save so not worried to much. only 440 pop), or the power production and distribution mechanic may have had an oppys or two. I’ve done everything short of destroying every building and replacing it, with no sign of it stopping.

I am also having this issue in a sandbox save I’m playing. The power flickers if you play for too long.
I’ve noticed that saving and reloading may temporarily resolve the issue.

Furthermore, icons indicating lack of power or resources aren’t showing up on my save, but that’s a separate issue.

I will also re-confirm your findings, and mine. I booted up the game this morning, with the same save file. about 5 minutes into running the simulation, Power fluctuation started again.

I have not, as of yet, run into some of the other issues players have had. This so far has been my only bug.

I’ll be starting a new game and will see what happens.

I get this same bug on a fresh install and new game. Power will just jump/flicker around the place slowing down all the buildings as they go from full power to no power than back again.

Can confirm both things.

Got the game today on steam. So a fresh install with no mods. Confirmed the integrity of the files already, but I have this power-flickering pretty much from the start. I also have missing icons for ressource-shortages.

I did rebuild the entire powergrid and noticed, even with 0 power running, the numbers are still flickering, like the entire grid is disconnecting itself for a split second like every other second of gameplay. Buildings are getting disconnected, while showing 0 power received, before turning back on with 100% power.

Can confirm it does happen with a new save as well, starting with the very first wind turbine placed.

I just installed Alpha 11 and ran a new save.
Both issues are gone with doing so. So I assume something went down with the files provided, or there is a chance some user will get corrupt data, if others aren’t encountering the same issues.

Same issue here.

I am going to do some testing and remove all my wind turbines from the grid. It was my only power source untill recently (new patch, new save) and I suspect the turbines are iffy?

Running only on methane power has the same result.

Same issue here as well.

Only running solar panels and still have the power flicker. I think it has something to do with the power pole or substations updates being to slow.

the power grid issue should be fixed since yesterday’s update:

check that your main menu says Alpha 12.5.257 in the lower left corner.
Let me know if it still happens in that version.

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