InfraSpace Modding Tutorial: How to decompile Infraspace

The InfraSpace license allows decompiling the InfraSpace source code for the purpose of creating mods and for education. This is how you do it.

1. Download and execute dnSpy

Other programs will work just as well, but dnSpy is a good starting point.

2. Open the InfraSpace code

Using the open dialog in dnSpy, navigate to your InfraSpace install directory, go to InfraSpace_Data\Managed\ and open Assembly-CSharp.dll

You should now be able to see and search through all of InfraSpace’s code.

3. Get to know the code

This is a short description of the most important parts of the code. Tell me if you notice that parts of it are out of date. Most things written like this are class name you can search for in dnSpy.

  • WorldScripts gives you access to lots of managing classes handling all kinds of things in the world. For example WorldScripts.Inst.simulator

Make sure you also use the in-game object inspector to traverse the data structures live while playing the game!

4. Ask away!

There is no documentation that will tell you all the things that could be relevant to making your mod. So, after investigating yourself, feel free to ask other community members and us devs for help on how to solve your problem :slight_smile: