Where is this going?

So what do the Colonist need Money for ? The Trader is one thing but the Colonists … it just doesn’t make sense, they get everything for free so why ??? what’s the purpose here … they can’t do anything with that Money still … they want their 20 every day or they get pissed … over what ?? something useless to them ? makes no sense. Are u planning on adding something they can use it on ??

it’s just for later update for money, for now it’s just a one time wish not a all day pay that they want it’s juste the “start” of the money update (idk if it’s clear for you i do my best to explain and i’m french ahah)

We’re thinking about different things. Maybe colonists will go to the trader in private, so they can get some deals? Maybe they’re saving for their future family? We’ll see… :smiley:

well okay but i have only 7 colonists right now , two of them want 20/day one wants 5/day one wants 2/day if im broke those get a -15 which really hurts, if u r broke for more than a view days. but traders are not often enough around to usefully sell stuff so … idk what to think of it, i still dont see any reason for them to want money in the first place. ah well, the monetary systems and this weird need for possessions is weird to me anyway, so maybe its just me but i do think, there needs to be a reason for it other than just the “want to have” … no ? maybe one should clarify who in this the Player actually is ? cause if u want there to be a economy, ownership of the lands is first, who owns the soil, the resources ? are they going to pay rent ? build a business ? pay Tax ???

what i try to say is, does it needs to be that way ???

I agree, at least for now…the money system is just another way to upset my colonists. Starting out I cannot trade enough to make money to pay them. If they started to ask for money after the colony was up and running wouldn’t be too bad since I may have crafted and/or gathered enough to trade. But right now, I have a hard enough time trying to keep my people happy enough to even do their jobs without being depressed or jealous:grinning:

@Raistorm @Daisii
I think we went a little overboard with the difficulty for Alpha 7, so we’re releasing a balance update tomorrow. Makes trading easier, reduces wood costs for cooking, reduces limping and getting hurt and changes some other stuff. I hope that will make it more ok.

Just like the vandalism issue in Alpha 6 or the huge food requirements in Alpha 5, we release something and then listen to the feedback to tune the systems :+1:

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Yay!!! So excited for a balance update…it’s just what is needed!!

okay then :slight_smile:

btw what happens if i kill the trader ? can i plunder his ship ??? yes my colony is desperate :stuck_out_tongue: with no pay and only extra pays and techs with scrolls as wishes.

what do you think of creating a Moneyflow in by Building stuff like a Brewery and whatnot, so the Money flows back once they use it :slight_smile: drunk and happy :smiley:

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We didn’t have time to program any consequences, like reputation with the trader’s guild, so we didn’t want to incentivize robbing the trader too much. There is something you can get out of it though… :wink:

Interesting idea. After the update is released, we’ll see how players react to get an idea how ok or not ok the money system is.

I’m on my first run through v7.3, playing on the hard setting, and I found the coin system a life saver off the bat, I took a chance and sold most of the colonies illness and health potions (this may backfire later), I then topped up some basic food supplies for the colony and saved the change. Later I found I can drip feed them pay as and when they need it to satisfy their wishes. That may not be fully intended by design. But as it is, it is already proving a nice way to exchange and buy/sell stock when needed. I can see a few a fun ways mid to late game to use the trade system.

Perhaps I missed it so far, but I can’t see where in a characters possessions they keep their salary, I think my miner has a hidey hole, I’ve spotted him just standing near boulders and rocks, trying to look innocent at times, unless he’s meditating or taking a breather.

In v6.2, I kind of liked the fact they would throw a tantrum and break stuff, I can imagine there could be times that would be too tough on progress, but you can plan for that. My approach was he / or she, now, who breaks it - mends it… if they instead went in to down tools and lazy day, I made the most of that, and let them catch up on chatting and reading.

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did the same and backfired hard, lost one thanks to it. Died of a Flu cause my doc had nothing to heal with and on top broke his arm so when i got my hands on stuff it was useless, ending up with the sick to die. so im not doing that gamble again.

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Hey Raistorm, that was an unlucky break, pun almost intended, I thought I would feed back a little, as I have escaped the doom you encountered, but all I can say is, since my first game in v6.2, it pays to have at least 2 level 1 doctors as early on as poss. The only other thing I did was ignore some of their research wishes and pushed for illness potions early, although I did save 2 potions from the above mentioned trade, they were not needed as luck would have it.

The out come, once I had made a batch of potions, trading was really good, as you can imagine, that said, I had a funny moment, where my miner had an injured leg, so Doc went to treat him while he sat on a bench, and his leg broke. His little face though, I felt his pain. Not sure about that Doc, though she did fix him up eventually, wow - mean streak Doc. Perhaps a bit sadistic and or was just thinking I need some extra medical practice! Perhaps it was just a glitch, but I will go with role play. :slightly_smiling_face:

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