Where are the Scrolls?

Good day.
I might be blind but where do I find the scrolls for research.

Hey^^ You’ll get them from the trader. They come by every now and then. Be sure to have something to sell for them :slight_smile:

I now have had 8 traders, No scrolls on any of them.
Is there perhaps a requirement of a certain amount of time or number of citizens?

I happen to get scrolls on my first trader in 7.1, not sure if the update changed anything or I was just lucky.

Updating to 7.1 as we speak.
Lets see if that fixes it.

Yep they made scrolls to appear more on trader on 7.1 :slight_smile:

Are there any patch notes?

Yes, 7.1 fixed it for me.
1st trader in 7.1 had them. So it was a 7.0 “bug”

So far we haven’t released any patch notes for 7.1. After we got done with it today we went straight home. I’ll ask Daniel to release patch notes as soon as he has time for that. :wink:

@axeblade346 @Sebster glad everything is working for you now :slight_smile:

Is a screenshot from my Trello card ok as semi-official patch notes? :wink:

The “can’t feed person on bed” thing seems to be 2 separate bugs though. Going to fix the other with Alpha 7.2.

Awesome! I see you fixed the Tiki goblins slaughtering themselves lol

I have a suggestion for the scrolls. How about if the scrolls are made by wood or from plants. I was thinking of papyrus for a plant that the farmer can grow when leveled up a little or all the way. Or maybe from wood and a crafter would make the scrolls.

Interesting suggestions, but scrolls need to be expensive. Maybe we could hide them in ancient ruins across the map…? So many ideas, so little time :smiley:

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I’m still in my 1st play through of v7.3, my start location was very close to a small 3 hut goblin village, initially I assumed by the time I would need scrolls, they would be loot from goblins or raiding their villages, as I didn’t get lucky with traders, I also avoided tips or spoilers on scrolls, and I did rush for illness potions research (needing 2 scrolls).

After I had enough colonists, to retaliate a goblin attack, and raid the village, a trader offered me scrolls, around the same time!

I like the idea of perhaps, hiding them in ruins, or the odd one as a rare drop in a village, not a guaranteed drop though. I understand the need for them to be expensive.