Somebody else is using that?

Is there a Tikigoblin on their way to join my colonists at the table? The only colonist not sitting at the table can’t because somebody else is using the only available seat!

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Hey there

Have you checked behind the trees for Goblins?

I have encountered this a few times, the only way have got around it is to check with each colonist, one of them has kind of reserved the seat, but sat or did something some where else, leaving it reserved, when the right one sits on it, it is then clear again. That’s the sense I got of it !!

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If there was a goblin hiding, he ran home before I found him!

I was not able to try to figure out who had it reserved. When I went back to game, I could not load my save and after getting 7.5.1 that fixed that issue, it was no longer reserved.

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