Roads, how to make them easier to use

So when upgrading all my roads at once i get carpel tunnel! But seriously there is a lot of clicking involved. I would like it if there was a box to click and drag to upgrade several roads at once, and also maybe a shift click to upgrade the entire length between two junctions.

Speaking of shift clicking, If i misplace a road by a tile or two it would be nice to hold shift and click the end point and drag the entire road length instead of having to go through each and every node.

Speaking of nodes, A roundabout tool would be very nice to see. going back to tunnels, it would be nice to be able to make those as well, maybe at a cost of steel and/or nanotubes or something.

Finally I don’t seem o be able to go over rocks from high to low, it snaps to under the rock. I don’t know if this was intended but it is a bit frustrating that the road is blue then click and BAM! road is buried.

Speaking of roads and buried, the game has a bug where if you make a long road (lets say 36 concrete long) and then right click to cancel it crashes the game totally (stops responding.) Seen this a few times now.

another thing that might be interesting is the ability to copy a junction layout tpo other junctions, with ability to rotate the “blueprint”

The game is still early access, so much of the things you discribe are (hopefully) going to be fixed or implemented in the game.
As for roundabouts, it’s not difficult to set this up manually. I did a short ‘How-to’ post a while ago: Setting up roundabouts in two or three steps

Yeah, hopefully, as time goes on, there will be a library of blueprints for intersections, roundabouts, etc.

Left click and hold, then drag the mouse. But doesnt work with rails, less there straight aways, curves the game all screwy on.

Someone been playing Cities xD

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