Road intersections looks not right

Immagine 2022-12-11 075149

All my city looks like this.
I’m unable to manage the intersection at all.
I have started a new game, didn’t loaded any savegame.

Thank you


This is since the last (big update), but you can work around it. If you select the road with the move tool you will see one of the road sections is a half square too long. Delete the last road part. Now put down a road segment from the crossing towards the rest of the road of one or 2 squares. This will in about 80% of the cases a correct crossing. (redo if needed). Finaly, put back the rest of the road. Normal road segments are fine, it is solely the crossings that show this behaviour.

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Yep confirmed that this bug has returned - not really a issue as its cosmetic though I’m sure it will get on the fix me list soon enough :slight_smile:

Thanks, fixed!

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