Friday Dev News #102 - Post Update Fixes Released

Hello everyone,

thanks a lot for all the feedback so far!
We already released 2 small bugfix updates on Saturday right after the release, and today you’re getting another one:

  • fixed weird looking intersections (bug was related to new map size actually)
  • resources are no longer generated outside of the playable area on new maps
  • if you try to build a road into an intersection that already have enough roads, you will not be allowed (previously you’d build a second intersection at the same position)
  • fixed an issue regarding moving gondola stations while single gondolas were moving up the lines
  • fixed translation issues

Also, we added some small graphical updates:

  • grass now sways in the wind
  • grass now appears and disappears smoothly at end of view distance
  • no grass shadows for performance
  • finished a lot of new building foundations

If any more issues come up, let us know and we’ll have a look.
After Christmas we are gonna focus on terraforming + performance + bugfixing, but you’ll hear more about that in the next posts!

Happy playing!


Does anyone else see the colour smears behind the cars and the district arrows?
Is this because of a new renderer? Or is my hardware just too slow?

Updates are looking good :slight_smile: Busy time of course (time of year) so hope to post some feedback in my other thread shortly :+1:

it’s because of TXAA. will probably add more graphics options soon.

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