Power line hook-up needs an update

According to this post Power hook-up driving me crazy There should be autoconnect for the power poles but this works only if they are within a distance of 2 squares (1 blank). Same applies when for some reason you try to connect/reconnect two different power grids by moving closer the power poles. They are just not connecting unless you move them 2 squares apart then move them to desired position.

It will connect if you first click on the excisting powerline pole and then you can place it further away and it will still be connected.
It’s not perfect though, because sometimes you actually place a powerline pole right on top of the excisting pole. Just hover the mouse over the excisting pole and if it’s not red, click it and it will connect properly.

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I simply want to remove the power poles as they tend to get in the way of building efficiency.

One way to do so would be to make the roads carry power.

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