Power hook-up driving me crazy

I have placed my wind turbine and power poles BUT i cant get the poles to connect to the wind turbine the process is way to fiddly you need a connection point that shows up so you know where to hook the line

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Hi @cuda70000
I think you’ll want to post this under Infraspace rather than Founder’s Fortune :wink:
That said, I’m sure Daniel will get back to you either way :slight_smile:

Yeah, I moved the post in the right forum.

Sorry @cuda70000 for the issue. I’ll probably add autoconnect for the poles soon.

In the mean time, try clicking on the base of the wind turbine and then on the base of the pole you want to connect to.

Thanks for the reply So far i love the game

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Just uploaded an update so that power lines now connect automatically to nearby infrastructure.

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To be honest, it was better than right now. Figs understand where he connects and makes a web