Natural Wooden Dresser listed under two Research

This item is listed under both Furniture II and Stone Furniture and shows that Stone Furniture is the research needed to unlock it.

Hey Quirquie!

I think there might be 2 different “Natural Wooden Dresser” which are unlocked with different techs.
(Thanks for adding the pic. That’s always the best way to explain things :smiley: )

There are actually 3, but I would think none should be under Stone Furniture :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha, I totally missed that! :open_mouth:

Not quite a dresser, but in Farming research, it lists wood and stone water can available, when done there is no option to make a stone water can, at the equipment bench, unless I missed something!

Not a biggie, as the wood water can, erm, does what it says on the tin (can).

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