Modding Tutorial: Publishing your Mod to the Steam Workshop

You have created something cool? Share it!
Here is how to make your mod available to others.

1. Make sure config.json is set up properly

Founders’ Fortune uses the values in config.json to tell the Steam Workshop about your game, so make sure the fields are filled out properly. You will be able to change it later though, for example if you want to add a URL to your forum post or update the mod description.

2. Add the preview image

The Steam Workshop requires you to provide an image for users to see your Mod in the workshop. Our example Mod image is 256x256 pixels. Other dimensions may work, but it’s important for that file to be smaller than 1MB.

Call it logo.jpg and put it directly in your mod folder

3. Upload the game through Founders’ Fortune

Launch the game, go to “Extra Content and Mods” and click the “Upload to Steam Workshop” Button.
Founders’ Fortune will communicate with Steam to create a new Workshop item and upload your mod’s files.

If the upload finished successfully, follow the link to your workshop item. You may need to accept a publishing agreement on Steam before your mod can be seen by others. Also, check if your mod is set up properly on the Workshop.


4. Check if subscribing to the Mod works properly

During development, you kept your mod in the mods/ folder of the Founders’ Fortune directory. Now, move your mod out of this directory so the game no longer has access to it. Next, subscribe to your own mod on Steam, wait for it to download, launch the game, and see if it works!

5. Add screenshots or a small video

Let your players know what they can expect from your mod! A picture says more than 1000 words, so make sure you put some up there to showcase your content.

6. Done!

Share your creation here on the Forum, on the Discord Server or on the Steam forum! People are looking for cool stuff, so the more people know about your mod the better!

Final notes

  • When Steam downloads the mod, it puts the mod in a seperate directory for mods, see here.
  • When your first upload your mod to Steam, Founders’ Fortune creates a file in your mod called publishedFileId.txt. This is vitally important because it links the mod on your disk to your workshop. When you want to update your mod, the game checks if a publishedFileId.txt already exists. If not, it will create a new workshop item for it.
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