macOS version?

Is a macOS version on the roadmap? It’s a Unity game, right? Seems like it would be… well, it’s not gonna be no work, but I’d love to help with testing/debugging if that’s feasible.

Hello, thanks for your interrest, see this please:

That’s for Founders Fortune, though, which does have a Mac version. I’m talking about InfraSpace.

Hello, the reply is the same for infraspace:

So it works like this: As long as we don’t have any funding, we need to develop as quickly as possible. That’ why we only support windows. If we manage to get funding, we can think about mac+linux during early access, and once it’s released and there are not as many updates, it’s much easy to support multiple platforms.

If you want, I can add you to the email list of people to inform when a Mac update comes out :slight_smile:

but i let @Daniel respond when possible (he’s a little busy)

Yeah, the reply changed a little bit, but the result stays the same:

Our funding situation has improved throughout the years, so we know we’ll be able to afford to make a Mac version. The only thing is that supporting Mac during development takes valuable time so we’d rather release Mac support at 1.0, when the development changes are not so big anymore.

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Ah, yep, that makes total sense. And yeah I love everything about my M1 Mac, but the inability to dual boot does make gaming a little tougher. Though the games that are compiled for it run amazingly well, especially considering it’s a 7W CPU with no fan!

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