Industrial Robot Problem

At the completion of research of the Industrial Robot, all truck traffic stops. The game continues to advance so if left long enough, the habitats will begin to starve for lack of resource replenishment.

Thanks, it’s on my list to fix for this Friday.

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I can confirm it has been fixed (as I was able to continue my game with the recent update). Unfortunately, it seemed to happen again after researching High Tech Workshops (truck movement froze and Priorities window flickered with many changing numbers). I was able to save the game, exit, and reload the saved game and so far it seems to be fixed.

So do I!!!

when it complete, all my cars stop working. twice!!! I just thought my computer was broken

Yeah, unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it in time for last Friday’s update. It’s still on the list though :slight_smile:

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Fixed it: Friday Dev News #37 - Particle Effects + Bugfixes