Friday Dev News #37 - Particle Effects + Bugfixes

Hello everyone!

As we come closer to release, we shift our focus a little bit further towards bugfixes and polishing, because we want our first paying customers to have a good experience :slight_smile:

There are also some new features in the pipeline as well, but they are not high priority right now.

Specifically, this week you get:

Features + Changes

  • New particle effects for mines, fields, and other industry
  • Cars are hovercars now. Also, they look better :smiley:
  • You can now rotate buildings as you wish by using Q and E
  • There is now concrete below most buildings
  • Added 3 new music tracks for some more variety!


  • Fixed a bug that prevented districts from working as expected. You may need to re-do the rules in your save, but now they work reliably!
  • Fixed a bug where cars would stop randomly before entering an intersection, causing a traffic jam
  • Fixed a bug where district panel would open automatically when game starts
  • Fixed a bug where broken roads would no longer display as red after selecting them once
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes roads wouldn’t be displayed as red even if they were colliding with other roads
  • Fixed a the industrial robot problem (Industrial Robot Problem)
  • Fixed 2 multithreading bugs that lead to unpredictable issues
  • Fixed a bug where the intersection lane tool was difficult to use when the intersection was on a bridge

InfraSpace on GOG

We just finished talks with our GOG partners and they’re happy to get InfraSpace on their store as well. I know some people have asked for this, so here you go!

Happy playing!



I don‘t know how to slove it,It always bothered me whenever I got late in the game. I’m sorry if it’s just my lack of understanding of this game.

You need to upgrade homes. Once the average standard of living is better, more people will move in.