Goods / production disappear

Hello. My first post here.
Starting with Alpha 5.2, some trucks/lorries disappear while en route to the destination, whether it is actual production or new people from the spaceport. I’ve tried to place the buildings closer to their destination, but to no avail. The items disappear when they reach a node on the road.
Examples: started a new city. The first sulfur mine production reaches the concrete factory, but the production of a second mine disappears en route. Tried relocating (bulldoze and build) the second factory in different places, with no results. The spaceport production was not reaching the first habitat. However, rebuilding the spaceport right in front of the habitat solved the problem.
It is unclear to me if this is distance related or some other issue.
Please advise if you need more information from me.
Thank you.

I have the same issue. The bug seems random, but once there is a bad spot, the only thing I have found to do is delete the road section and build somewhere else. So far it only seems to affect level 2 roads.
I am having fun with this game.

Hi and welcome @Cohaagen and @Rixx :smile:

Yes its a problem that is only affecting the multi-lane roads.

If possible, try to make only single lane roads within regions of your city. A bit hard at times but for short haul roads, single lane are the best :slight_smile:

Though sometimes different types of lay-outs can work quite well:

I’ve found the only way around this is to pause the game (“1” on the keyboard) and delete all the sections of that road and make a new one from intersection to intersection. Also note that if you see two circles instead of one at the intersection, you’ll have problems. (The circles you see at intersections while building roads.) Works with single and multi-lane roads.