Goods not being delivered!

I have 30+ houses that needs Home Appliances, and I have at least 15 factories where “Outgoing storage is full”. There is road and train connections to my city. Demand system seems totally broken! Will you finally fix this in v 1.0?

I started on Easy transport difficulty. I also tested to change this to Hard and to Normal but the problem persists. Rebuilding factories doesn’t help either.


I’m think I’m having the same problem as you. I think one thing that would have been helpful would be having logistics info/overlays to better help diagnose problems. With the way development is going though, I’m not sure we’ll be seeing major features implemented at this point.

At least there’ll be a traffic efficiency parameter you’ll get to see. I think this is a smart way of tackling this problem. If this number is less than 100% then your traffic is not running smoothly and you know you need to fix something. If your issue can be handled with a single number than that’s much better than a convoluted overview of statistics and graphs. But if you still want that then you can try modding it in :wink:

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