Transportation, Supply & Demand visualizations

Hi all,

Been following this game for a long time, but wanted to drop in with a suggestion I hope others will find interesting.

I’m big on data and visualizing things, especially in management games like Infraspace. I’d like to see the ability to visualize where resources are available/produced and where they’re needed, to help me as the player make decisions. This could be a global view that shows locations of raw resources, buildings that consume those to produce goods, and further buildings that consume those goods until you reach the end of the chain. You could have lines/arrows that represent this, as well as some way to show the quantities desired. In addition, you’d be able to select individual districts and buildings to get a view of what they need and produce, and where on the map those needs go or come from.

Hope this all makes sense without some pictures to accompany my post (I’m not a great artist.) Thank you for reading, and good luck to the developers.

That would be nice. Might be able to figure out why I have 50,000 pieces of steel in warehouses, and my motor factories are empty…

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This is already possible. You can enable districts view in the Production Overview Window.
And if you select a factory, you can click on the small blue arrow to see where that good is being delivered.

The steel factories have a high priority to deliver the steel to the nearest warehouse.
If your motor factories are further away then the warehouse, they wont get any steel.

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My issues with the way District info is represented aside (some improvements could be made in that department), I meant that my broader suggestion would apply to districts as well. So you could see possible and current logistics routes at the district level, rather than a factory or global level like I was asking for in the OP. And good to know about the delivery view in factories existing right now. I say, let’s take that to the next level.

I agree a raw resource visualization would be good. I find myself scrolling around the map looking for a specific resource, when it would be really easy for me to just do a checkbox and have it highlighted.

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