Friday Dev News #89 - Modding Tutorials Released

Hello everyone!

Modding Tutorials released

In preparation for the next big update, which includes modding, we created a series of modding tutorials for you to get started:

The tutorials cover:

  • How to get started by downloading and running the example mods
  • How to change simple game values and upload your own mods
  • How to add new models, textures, and buildings
  • How to use the in-game developer tools to learn about the game, test your mods, and cheat
  • How to decompile InfraSpace and have a look at its code (allowed for modding and educational purposes!)
  • How to make your own script mods and change gameplay in a bigger way

Sensor Tower Graphics done

Last week I introduced you to the sensor tower which is going to unlock the next parts of the map. Back then it was just a concept, now we also have the finished model:

Implementation to be done.

River Procedural Generation

After randomly generating rocks and plants in the desert and crater biomes, we have now turned to the river, which is a lot harder. It’s shape poses more constraints on how the environment assets can fit without looking weird or clipping badly. We should be able to show you pics of it next week!

Update Timeline

Since a part of the team has been working on the Founders’ Fortune update for Sept 30th, the InfraSpace update will be some time after that. We try to be quick, but with modding, new environment, 4x bigger map, and terraforming, it’s the largest update we’ve done so far. Appreciate the patience!

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