Friday Dev News #35 - Superhighways

Hello everyone!

This week, with Alpha 6.10.88, we’re introducing four new road types:

  • gravel road
  • concrete road
  • highways
  • superhighways

As you can expect, they support different speeds, which should help you structure your city. Cars prioritize faster road types, so you can give them better options: If traffic goes from A through B to C, you can build a highway from A to C and have all the traffic skip B entirely.

Also, some players have been requesting one way roads with more lanes, so we’re adding 2- and 3-lane one way roads.

Besides that, we’ve also got a bunch of new buildings and some other stuff:

New Stuff

  • 17 different roads with different speeds and costs
  • 6 improved building models, including the stadium (!)
  • when hovering over the factory’s storage, you can see how many cars are currently en route
  • new replace function for roads to upgrade your road system more quickly
  • roads now have a slight “shadow” below them to make them look a better
  • added some UI icons + tooltips


  • reduced traffic for sand, iron, copper, and carbon signficantly
  • yellow research factories can now hold 20 motors
  • immigration rate now higher on average
  • immigration rate doesn’t fluctuate as quickly
  • since gravel roads are pretty cheap, reduced starting concrete


  • fixed a bug where time speedup button didn’t work when using the mouse to click it (instead of hotkey)
  • fixed a bug where scene fog + relfections were gone when loading save
  • carbon is now shown in prioritization menu
  • fixed a bug where notification UI animation would look strange
  • fixed a bug where canceling road movement could lead to invalid roads

Happy playing!


Just uploaded a quickfix update to address some issues:

  • fixed an issue where people wouldn’t move in even though immigrants were waiting in the space port
  • fixed a bug where the font on was messed up on road building angle + length displays
  • fixed a bug where cars wouldn’t drive in the correct lane on one way roads
  • fixed a bug where shadowed sides of models were too dark

Happy playing!

Love the replacement function for the Roads. Thank you. :+1:
I also used it to downgrade and to change road type.

Can you explain what is meant by

Sure: Factories produce less and require less so that the actual amount of cars is cut in half while production chains stay the same.

Why don’t they want to move in?though I have enough empty port became useless.
Looking forward to your reply

Hi. Click on the space port to see the current immigration rate. You need to upgrade your buildings in order to convince more people to move in. Will balance this a little next update.