Spaceport bug

I built the spaceport too early??? No one is coming in. Full oxygen and full food. Funny the habitats upgraded but no new people. Interesting bug.

Just a thought but is your road from the spaceport to the habitats properly connected? It doesn’t look like a normal junction.

I have heard about a bug report where cars wouldn’t leave the small side road if it’s too short. Didn’t have a chance to look at it yet, but this could be it.

The first spaceport was further away. When it didn’t work I demolished it and built another closer. Next I will build it to the left of the habitats. Typically the entrance from the spaceport hooks into roads at a weird angle.

Ok, so I built it again. Followed the proper steps with the spaceport last. As you can see from the screen shot no body wants to come live with me. A definite bug. I will try this again with the spaceport off the habitat highway instead. If that does not work I will try this with regular roads.

There is no bug for spaceport, the road where habitats are build is not conected with the road that comes from spaceport… is an overlap that does not work as a crossroad

I agree. But why? I would hope the highways would auto connect. Probably better with roads than highways. I have not tested that yet. i prefer to overlap the highways to square everything up. If you snap to endpoints it creates weird curvy stuff. Just my ADD.

it has to be a node point ( circle) otherwise the roads, no matter what type are, will not work as connected

Oh, my mistake. I answered too quickly and didn’t look properly. You’re right.

3-way intersections won’t create any curves, so you should be able to achieve that by snapping to the end point first and then continuing the road. Or you first make the highway and then snap the end point into it.

Thanks, Daniel. Having fun with this and we all look forward to whats coming next. I do hope you allow recovery of materials after being demolished. Helps to tweak a settlement to perfection. Similar to Subnautica.

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Hi Daniel,
Not sure if this helps, but I’ve had similar issues occasionally when starting a new game. If i start out with more than two habitats, sometimes it takes a very long time for the spaceport to actually send new residents. In my current game, I started with 10 habitats and I have them fully supplied with oxygen and electricity but no one is coming to live here and I can’t reach the goal of 22 people.

Actually, I just started the game over twice (since the latest update) and can’t get people to move in at all. I’ve added a lab and several basic food and oxygen sources but can’t get past 22 residents. Possibly a bug with the new spaceport rules?

yup, there was a bug in this Friday’s release. Just uploaded a fix:

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