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after a lot of hours of play, 9 settlers soon 10, skill tree finished, I would like to make you a return:

  • the mechanics of the game at the level of waiting / wish of the settlers is really very good, it gives challenge, nothing to say :slight_smile:
    -agriculture is very well adjusted / realistic
  • the management of food / winter very well too, good challenge
    -Goblin attacks are good even if for the moment it did not worry me too much (no death / just injury), having so max difficulty it changes?
    -the iron ore does not “push back”, I find it good because it requires a good management of resources in order not to waste / it would be interesting in the future if possibility of having a larger map with areas to discover (discovering by sending a prospecting colonizer) to find the resources necessary for its expansion.

my wishes for the future of the game:

cabinet or other to manage his equipment (weapon / clothing) so you do not have to search for his equipment anywhere on the map.
procedural card

  • larger map with hidden area, to discover …
    -management of hot / cold / rain (illness etc …) / storm that destroys construction
    -multiplayer: coop and pvp
  • more user-friendly interface for managing settlers: trades / equipment etc …
    -date and time displayed for backups

my questions:

-How many settlers max is it possible to have?
-as far as the expectations of the settlers go, currently I have expectations that are locked, is this already included in the gameplay, and if yes when / how?
can we destroy a camp? I saw that we could destroy the totem but I did not go to the end … what happens if the camp is destroyed?

I think that’s all for the moment, good luck and thank you for this survival game!


oh yes I forgot: why not add the fact that settlers walk faster depending on the surfaces on which they are.

-an indication at the level of the list of colonists allowing us to know if a colon is inactive

it would be interesting to be able to give several orders in a row, for example: to build chair then to sow strawberry then to equip watering can and to be able to manage this list by removing if necessary the operations of this list.
once the orders are over, the settler will resume his “normal” activity

Your last point can be done by holding the shift button while giving orders. This will create a queue of tasks.

Inactivity is something to manage yourself I guess, since they often tend to have a talk or relax a moment before returning to work themselves.

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thank you for the information !
indeed for the indicator of inactivity it is not necessarily essential but I think in case we would have 50 settlers to manage, it could be interresting;) or let’s be crazy 1000 settlers to manage :slight_smile:

otherwise I have trouble locating the mouse pointer when it snows and not only during a storm.

11 actually is the max

community and the other one is not YET implemented but planned i think

Yes you can it stop goblins to spawn, for having peace :yum:

It was reported and it would be fixed in the future be patient.

Hope i’ve replyed to everything, have a nice day ! :slight_smile:


Hey @vears, I think @JordanPANDA replied to all of your questions, so I’ll just add a couple notes about your wishes for the future:

  • Tool storage: Lots of people have requested that, is probably coming in the next update
  • Larger map: Sounds good, but has challenges. The colony stays in place, so there is not a lot of opportunities to make exploration fun.
  • Multiplayer: Technically possible, but we don’t have the resources to do it unless FF explodes :smiley: Rather make a good single player game than a bad multiplayer game.
  • More user-friendly interace: Of course :slight_smile:
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I think you can wait with making the map bigger. I honestly thought this was intended to be this small for testing purposes and smoothing out every mechanic. And to be honest, why a bigger map, if their is not enough to fill it with yet.
You can fill it now, but it doesn’t have a real purpose.

Maybe you can try out map seeds? So that when people start a new game they at least get a new world.
I think bigger maps should be introduced when we can have up to 25/30 colons and the game is more fleshed out, with more tech, workbences, etc. And when you are at that point there has been probably been enough feedback about how to make exploration fun :wink:

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We’re currently working on random world generation, so new maps will be available soon. They won’t be bigger then the current one though :wink:

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That is no problem. The world is big enough for the content there is right now :slight_smile:


My Feedback to the Game Devs…

I found out about this game after watching a playthrough video by Nookrium. I like similar Indie games so I downloaded the free version (7.5.1) to give it a try.

(1) I love the look of the game, the graphics are perfectly in tune with the theme and scale of the game.
(2) The pacing felt a little slow at first, but it’s actually really fun to play a game which allows you to take your time, and build a settlement up without feeling rushed.
(3) The skills and skill tree work ok and are well balanced in the main part.
(4) I like the way the coming of Winter makes you plan your farming in preperation for a period when no crops can be harvested.
(5) I like the compact scale of the world as an introduction to your colony, although I hope the Devs are planning a way to travel to new lands, so that you can colonise other islands as progression in the late game.

Suggestions for future patches:
(1) I think the game engine ramps up illnesses and broken limbs once your Doctor reaches a certain skill level (although this is only a guess). I think the frequency of flu and broken limbs is far too high. I had my best colonist die of flu because I ran out of medicine and the Traders mysteriously stopped coming to visit, so I couldn’t buy more. Also, the previous Traders, who did arrive, had no Scrolls, so I couldn’t finish the research to make my own medicines.
(2) I didn’t like the way the colonists make constant demands for money when the player has limited scope to obtain income. This was made worse for me when the Traders stopped arriving! This needs better balancing. Perhaps the Devs could add the ability to create an Inn, or General Store, where the colonists could spend money and the player could obtain some income from that.
(3) It would be nice if more than one tool could be stored in the tool rack. Then, for example, the farmer could quickly swap a watering can for an axe when under attack from Tikigoblins.

Anyhow, thanks to the Devs for building this excellent game and I look forward to finding out how it improves over time.


Oh, that’s a very intriguing idea! I did wonder where all those salaries went

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Welcome @Deputy_Dawg. Don’t have much time right now, so quick answers:

Suggestion 1: The game actually doesn’t adopt the frequency, but thanks for the feedback. Make sure the bonfire is burning, otherwise the trader won’t find you.

Suggestion 2: Good idea. We have some ideas about guest houses and stuff, but it’s too early to say anythinig.

Suggestion 3: You can! Assign them both a tool rack and a weapon rack and they’ll switch automatically when you activate combat mode!


Thanks for your quick reply Daniel…

I am going to follow your suggestion to place a watering can in the tool storage and an axe in the weapon rack in the Farmer’s bedroom.

Do you have any future plans for the building system to include recovery of raw materials when scrapping buildings and furniture?

Thanks for the great game, it’s lots of fun. I think I will buy the “full” game now as I know you guys need the income…

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We’ll see about the getting materials back thing. No plans right now, but we’re aware the community would like something there. Thanks for the support!

Hi Daniel.

I’m curious as to what happens if you fight a Trader. As an experiment, I battled with a Trader till he was knocked out, but still alive. I was able to take his Trader’s Coat which has an armor rating of 20 and value of 400. I then carried him to a bed, so he could heal up and recover, but he just died, making me feel very guilty! I think I will roll back to an earlier save and not fight him.

Do Traders stop coming to your colony if you kill one? I kinda want a Trader’s Coat, but don’t want to generate negative consequences for the future…

There is no other way to get the Trader’s coat. However, we did not have time to program consequences yet :open_mouth:

I will leave the Trader to his peaceful life, which I feel is true to the spirit of the game… Leave the killing to the Tikigoblin battles! :innocent:

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