Carrying people to bed! Bugged!

Hey I am just loving this game, as I feel like its Stonehearth 2.0 :slight_smile: it’s so great, just wanted to report a bug that when I go to carry someone to bed,They can’t get them through the door and they are left dizzy outside!

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i even had one who got the resting healing while lying unconcious ouside the door but close enough to the bed or something ? was weird :sweat_smile:


Hey @subzero, welcome to the community and thanks for the report!

Ragdolls look funny, but are diffcult to get right. We’re thinking about whether to invest more time making them look right or just replace them by simpler animations. For the moment, I recommend moving beds outside as a temporary hospital :smiley:

I actually think a hospital is a great idea. When I read that the first thing I thought of is what if we had double wide doors to use for it like most hospitals do, that should allow bodies to be carried in and still consider it a room. I could add all the doctor’s things to the room so they would be there already to take care of the patients!

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I have had a few amusing moments with this, In one case my Doc broke her patients leg while he was sat on a bench waiting for help with just an injured leg, then I got her to carry him to bed, if I didn’t know better, I swear she dragged him by his broken leg to his bed. I don’t think they will be sharing a room much longer.

In another, some one got dumped at the main door, and for a while, poor chap just got kicked in and out of the door way by passing traffic, lol, it felt wrong, eventually some one got him to his bed, please don’t add trampled as a new injury!

In most cases my injured etc, did end up asleep in the bed, after having been dragged about a few times, and having their heads knocked against walls and furniture, it’s a tough life down here, hey ho. Broken leg guy though, he was sat up in bed, in what appeared to be a lot of pain.

Perhaps some stretchers, and two colonists need to carry them, or two carry them without stretchers, I know that would be somewhat tricky for coding / animation though.

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