Any plans to add a Warehouse?

Hey all!

I’m a bit new to the game and really leaning into utilizing train lines to separate industry and residential. My biggest pain point is that resources don’t ship from Mines to Factories until the factory has a space/need for it, and that completed goods don’t ship from Factories to Factories/Residential until there is a request/space/need for it. This results in a VERY long wait for goods to run the loop from one station to the next while the mines are almost completely backlogged. This also creates pain points in traffic control.

My first thought was “warehouse”, and was rather shocked to not find one as an option. I noticed a closed forum discussion referencing this very point. (Add general warehouses)

If we could have place warehouses and control what type and quantity of goods they request, it could act as a staging point to improve rail efficiency and reduce factory down-time as well as reducing the delay on residential receiving goods from across the map.

Are there any plans to implement Warehouses in future patches? If not, can we add it to the “Roadmap” as a voting option? Thoughts? Anyone else feel this pain-point?


You’re not alone in this. We all want some good warehousing, but the devs are silent on the subject. So no idea if they have any plans for it.


I have made a request for warehouses in the past. Still no word on if they will be added.

Even though there are no warehouses in the game, the buildings have a storage that gets filled to max with materials to make your desired resourse.

We definitely need this!

A system like the one in “Timerborn” would be great. You can set the desired resource storage levels for each item. The net result of this is that your factories build to your stated inventory level but do not just run nonstop producing an excessive surplus of items.

This would take some of the edge off of supply level surges (adding a ton of new housing all at once). There would be a built in offset to this also in that this location would be a hub for traffic congestion. Any time there is a surge in supply or demand, traffic to/from the “warehouse” would spike.

I would add to this that the current storage for Concrete, Steel and Adamantium is great for construction as you can use that supply directly, but it would be great if this could also be used to feed other building from it’s surplus. Looking at you ship repair…

EDIT: adding screenshot for reference:

Ah so you watch RCE, do you?

This would be a amazing feature!

Imma take a look if I can make a mod out of this once mod support is here

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Just wanted to add, that I just started out a week ago and stopped playing because of this very issue.
The space stations for ship parts (and a few other buildings) just keep running out of resources because the internal storage is too small.

This ends in the following:
Space station needs aluminum → Orders 30 because thats all the storage can hold. → 30 aluminum arrive → first batch of aluminum gets processed in a few seconds and → only then a new order gets placed → aluminum gets send on its way again → space station on a standstill until new aluminum arrives.

The Problem is, on my world you cant really place the space station close enough to all resources, because they are all a bit spread out.

I though of a few different solutions to this problem

  1. Make the drills send out resources sooner (depending on the travel time), in anticipation of the storage running dry, so that the resources arrive as they get consumed
  2. Use the train station closest to my production lines as a storage (automatic depending on average throughput per minute, or manuell setting a storage limit inside the train station)
  3. Add an option to increase the internal storage size of single buildings
  4. Add Warehouses where I can set the desired material to be stored closer to the my production chain.

I don’t know if either of these solutions would be easy to implement or not but as things are now its just really frustrating.

Other than that: Devs keep up the good work. The next update really looks very nice and I am looking forward to hopping back on as soon as it launches :slight_smile:

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