Add general warehouses

Hi, I’m new to this game, it’s been a couple of days actually and I’m already planetary capital!

I love the game a lot and I think if you added general purpose warehouses it would be so much better, cause sometimes you don’t want the factories to stop just because they’re full.

Thank you and good luck!


Second that. That would also make it possible to go for some interesting more complex logistical setups, like spoke and hub.


I like that Idea for sometimes you got to wait a bit before resurce get to the factory or sometimes run out if the place they are coming from is a bit far away

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I would say train stations fill this role.

Not really, because resources at a trainstation already have a set destination. You can check this by selecting a cargo truck heading for a station and following its cargo all the way to its destination.

I think proper warehousing would benefit the game allowing for better traffic management.

Factories >> set warehouse* >> next factory >> set warehouse >> habitats

Knowing where things are being delivered and when allows for better design of the road network.

*Set warehouse could be either simply the nearest warehouse or individually setting each factory/warehouse combo or setting a warehouse to a specific storage type.

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The Interface of a general warehouse can be simple → select a type of good, and add a desired stockpile number.
Benefits → sucks in goods from far away, lets factories up close produce without delays caused by long transports with varied transport times.

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This is actually a very good idea. More work but benefits are worth it.
Personally I’d like to have more control in the flow of goods.

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