Alpha 13 Dev News 🔨

Hello everyone!

I’ve been thinking about giving you guys some more insight into what we’re working on for the next udpate. I have to say I quite enjoyed the Alpha 12 news thread last time, so I thought we could do something similar, but different.

This time, I’m going to post about stuff we’re actively working on for Alpha 13. That means

  1. you’re getting the information sooner
  2. you can give feedback as we’re developing
  3. everything is subject to change.

Let me repeat that last bit: Everything is subject to change

Since I’m showing what we’re working on at the moment, I have no idea if we can finish a specific feature until Alpha 13 or if it will end up in the game at all. Sometimes things just need to be scrapped, so everything you see in this thread is subject to change.

Feel free to discuss anything you see here - valid feedback that also fits our vision is always useful :+1:

With that being said, enjoy the ride and don’t hesitate to give feedback!


Not everything we’re working on is visual, but this thing is. Check out our progress on wooden fortifaction gates!

First attempt:


Second attempt:


Third attempt:


Gates have to be one of the most asked-for items on our list :smile:


looks good so possible to have single gate? because its would useful for small village

You mean a gate with only one door?

We’re planning to have roughly the same width for all gates, but of course simple wooden gates are gonna be cheaper and more suited for small settlements.

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Nice, maybe not for this update but this could lead to a portcullis or drawbridge and moat.

For the current update I think there should be a single hinge gate or a double gate. For the framing, allow wooden and stone versions. For extra defence, wooden gates with iron reinforcing. This allows for 12 types you could build.

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While work on the gates is continuing, I can tell you that professions will probably play a huge role in Alpha 13 :wink:

Check this out:

The numbers on the left let you configure the priority of any job.
That’s because citizens can now have multiple jobs!

This can help you for example have farmers that spend the summer farming and the winter chopping trees. Or scholars that make medicine when no more scrolls are available for research.


Looking cool so far :slight_smile:
What about the xp bars? More divided ones do take more effort to level up?
Is this window supposed to replace current UI for professions?
(In this case the abilities you get would be mentioned where?)
The little arrows that are used to adjust the priority look like they would move the profession in the list. That could also be a way to do the priority. Place the main job on the top.
Not that fond of the priority numbers. What has the highest priority? 1 or 3? Also the red background for the 3 is kinda yelling at me. It’s like a warning.

Looks like another promising update :smiley:


Haha, that’s a bunch of good feedback @MoeGraph
Priority sorting: Good idea, but can be confusing switching through lots of peole and no easy way to deactivate professions completely
Red priority: Yeah, it was difficult to get it to differentiate enough from 2. It’s the highest prio so I was thinking bold colors would be justified here.

Abilities and XP: Just you wait, that’s what the right side of the panel is going to be for… :wink:

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Yeah, switching through colonists with individual sortings might be less enjoyable.
About the priority colors: I thought about something like this:
2020-03-06 06_46_58-Window

Do you plan to give us a list of the already unlocked abilities?

Stone castle gates are going to be stronger and more expensive, of course.

And yes, there will be a list of unlocked abilities. That’s what the entire right side of the panel is going to be for :slight_smile:


What do you think of this?

I’m planning to add a full skill tree to each profession.


Hello the gates are great!
What about lerning - is the villager going to training if there is nothing else to do? (bookcase or traing dummy)

  • I think it might be a bit hard to put the people from 3 jobs to training and back a lot
    but I like the idea generally
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Ohh, it’s much more than a UI thing. That’s great!

But there are a few things I’m not sure about:
That xp bar tells you the unlocked and open skill points?
There are now more than 3 levels? (And an indiviual amount for each skill?)
Where does it shows you when you’re have points to spend?
Is Stone Tools a Skill that you unlocked for 1 point(s) or could unlock it for one?
Those two hidden skill tree entries, will they be unlocked or are they unavailable on this skill and are just shown there because it’s one tree type for all skills? Or is it a secret yet because you’re adding new skills? :upside_down_face:
And you already prepared a scrollbar for the players with a lower resolution? :open_mouth:

Keep up the good work and don’t eat hamsters or toilet paper :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Good idea, currently we can see what skill we get at the next level but no list of what we already have access to. I notice points on the tree. Are we now going to earn points to unlock skills instead of leveling up an entire tier? Reserving judgement on that until we see how points are earned.

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@Shenira: Interesting idea, learning could actually become it’s own “job” now :thinking:

@MoeGraph haha, lots of questions :smiley:
The UI is not done yet, so some of them are work in progress. Stone Tools is unlocked, and anything with a button is unlockable.

There are going to be separate trees for every skill and this is going to be moddable, too.

Good point about the resolution. I was hoping to keep the panels big enough that it’ll be no big issue, but if necessary we can add scrolling.

@Marcomer Points are earned by filling up an experience bar, just like levels previously. Since there are going to be lots more points than the previous tiers, each single point will be faster, of course.

Large building projects require a lot of resources. In the late game, skilled miners will be able to search for them below ground.

In other news: I’m looking to hire another programmer to help with new features and have been doing interviews in the past week. Not all done yet, but I’m looking forward to having another helping hand on board :slight_smile:

Covid has banished everyone to home office for now. I hope you all are able to stay safe. I’m glad if Founders’ Fortune can do its part to help you with physical distancing for some time :wink:


They look really cool - do the Foundies go to a lower level, or just work within the mine at surface level ?

Also good to hear news about adding another developer for new features - helping in employment is always good news, especially atm… :upside_down_face:


They just work on in the mine and don’t go to any lower levels. I’m sure people would like that, but other than mining there is no big advantage for lower levels right now. :slight_smile:


People would like that but I understand the little function of lower levels atm , maybe if there was gold or silver down there and maybe other metals but those would require a use for them , maybe dwarfs in cities down there or digging for special items or relics of the past etc good to see the game getting deeper slowly , is there a plan for multiple islands , wharfs for fishing and traveling or even to send your boats out to find pirate islands or ships or going to other lands ?

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Do we have any idea of the release date of this update ?