(1.35) Bonus resources not always being produced?

… continuing on from my original topic, which got locked due to inactivity:

Since around 1.27 (when I first noticed), I have into a weird situation where 10 habitats all directly fed in close proximity by 3 good meal producers were sometimes running low on good meals or even downgrading.

The good meal producers were always running and never short on input resources.

In theory the habitats should have been topped up nicely; each meal producer produces (3+1) good meals every 20 seconds, or 12 per minute, and I had three of them feeding 10 habitats (requiring 3.0 each per minute).

When I watched the meal producers very closely I noticed that most of the time they were not producing more than three outgoing trucks. Sometimes I did see four leave, but most of the time it was 3. This means I was actually running at (3 x 3 x 3) or 27 meals per minute, just a tad under the 30 or so I need to keep my level 6 habitats happy, which explains the shortages/occasional downgrade.

For now I will just overproduce, but this is definitely a bug – although it is very odd that I do sometimes see that fourth truck pop out.

Note also: I have many buildings producing bonus resources, and good meal producers is the only building I’ve noticed this behavior with so far.

DEVS - would a save help here?

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Looking more closely at other buildings with bonus resources, I can also see this with Robots (sometimes produce 7 instead of 8) and Motors (sometimes produce 5 instead of 6).

So either there is some bug with bonuses, or I’m not understanding how they are supposed to work. From the building tooltip it looks like there should be X bonus resources produced with each production cycle. Is that not how they’re supposed to work?

Another possibility is that this is just a graphical artifact where two trucks come out at the same time and just overlap each other so that they look like one truck. But this doesn’t explain why my district is short food, when in theory I should have plenty of extra (I’m overproducing enough Robots and Motors that I wasn’t noticing the shortfall).

I’ve yet to hear any comment from a dev on this issue – can we at least rule out graphical artifact and/or me misunderstanding how bonus production is supposed to work?


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Still an issue in 1.35.426.

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@Daniel ? Any comment?

Has anyone else observed this behavior? I feel like it ought to be easily observable once one completes some spaceship components.

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