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I’ve seen this mentioned before but think this needs its own topics.
There is a big discrepancy between how much good meals are produced according to the production panel and how many of them reach the consumers. For example I need 100 food but producing 160 will still not be enough, I need almost 200. I did some research and found out why:

The good food factory doesn’t always successfully send out its food onto the road. Sometimes the trucks get swallowed by the factory itself. The outgoing storage counter decreases but no food truck comes out. This event seems to correlate with other trucks (meat and vegetables return trucks) leaving the factory just prior to the factory trying to send a food delivery. I then deactivated round trips and indeed there were no problems anymore, since without round trips, nothing but food trucks leave the factory so nothing can collide on the output.

Since some other franchise has similar issues but by far not as bad, I suspect this is a general bug and not limited to good meals. It is just by far the most pronounced with good meals because the total input and output per minute is very large for this factory, so the chance of return deliveries and output deliveries trying to leave the factory at the same time is much larger than for example for computers.

Please look into this. It would greatly help if the production numbers were accurate. For good meals they are way off (if played on hard difficulty with return trips).


I have the same problem,it doesn’t seem to matter how many good food factories I build there isn’t enough.
How do you disable round trips please?

Return trips are disabled by default. You must enable them in the dialog where you can set the difficulty:

„Cars make round trips“ is the setting you don’t want. If you disable this and you still have a large deficiency of good meals then there must be some other problem at work.

Actually there is at least one other mechanism that makes production not run the way you expect it to. Sometimes factories send products out too slow. If some of your good meal factories have 40 stored despite some habitats starving then this may be the problem (edit: good meal factories can only store 20, so if they have 20 they are considered full). Not a 100% certain about the cause. I noticed two things but I can’t say it’s consistent:

  1. When the road the factory would need to send the truck on is too crowded it may not send the truck. This is the road strip right in front of the factory‘s door.
  2. When a lot of stuff is already being delivered to the destination then factories may decide not to send even more stuff to the same destination.

But I’m not sure if those statements are really true.

Either way, if you already have a lot of traffic and frame rate is starting to go down then the traffic simulation deteriorates and is simply not running smooth anymore, especially with high traffic producers like good meal factories and also over longer distances. Building closer or using trains to reduce the total amount of cars on all your streets globally can help.

Speaking of distance: Just to make sure it’s not just a matter of your starving habitats being too far away from your meal factories, click a few of the starving habitats and check how many are being delivered. If it says like 5 or 6 are being delivered for all of them, then you merely have a distance problem. Build faster and shorter roads. If they indeed have 0 or only 1-2 being delivered, then it’s one of the things above, most likely.

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