You can connect road to rail and then it's bugged - 1m concrete in couple seconds!

Lay a rail first, then start a road on one of the ends. It should get bugged, you can also get a red road variant.
You can’t move the bugged road afterwards. When you click the bugged road with delete tool, you get resources for it, but it doesn’t disappear. You can just hold your mouse and get free steel/concrete every tick.
2022-03-17 12_04_10-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay DT

When you reload the save you can then remove it.


Oh this bug again.
Last time it was before rails existed and it caused the game save to not load.

It’s a common symptom that can happen because of different bugs. Though we have already fixed this for the next major update. Not sure if we’ll pull the fix in a minor update earlier.

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