You can build a second floor above the fireplace

You can build a second floor above the fireplace.
You can move the fireplace to another room, build the second floor, and put it back where it was!


Huh, really?

It seems I can’t do that :smile:

  1. Have an empty space
  2. Build a second floor
  3. Move the fireplace below the floor

Is that sequence of steps correct?
Could you show me a screenshot or save or can anybody else confirm they can do this?

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as long as you put the fireplace “AFTER” you’ve put the second floor it work so your step work for sure ^-^ the problem is only that you can’t place floor above fireplace already placed :slight_smile:

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here…
For me it says the place is blocked by something.

  1. Have an empty space
  2. Build a fireplace
  3. Move the fireplace to another room
  4. Build a second floor
  5. Move the fireplace back downstairs.

I’m new, so I only upload one picture. I’ll upload the first and second floor photos separately.

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The second photo shows a roof section on the top floor - I wonder if this was the problem / error ?

no. The potion workbench is on the lower floor, so the second floor is not built.
Like the fireplace, I plan to move the workbench elsewhere, then build the second floor and put it in place.

Oh I see. I was just able to reproduce it. Thanks!

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@Daniel - just wondering, is this going to be fixed ?

It would be good to know if this is going to be a permanent feature, for future building requirements or fixed to allow smoke to naturally escape from buildings?

Honestly, I’m not sure @roo. There have been some unintended consequences.
For example when you leave the space above the fireplace empty in the second floor, the owner of the house will complain that a floor is missing in the room.

And some people are confused by the mechanic. I’m seriously considering changing it and making the fireplace usable anywhere without floor restrictions.