Wishes fulfilled too early when requesting furniture

It is possible to exploit a wish to have a table in their room by creating an order to make the table.

The wood is deducted and their wish is fulfilled immediately even though it hasn’t actually been made yet.
Since their wish is fulfilled you can then cancel the build table order and get back all wood that reserved.

I agree that it is odd that they consider the wish fulfilled before the furniture is build. But I think they may start asking for it again after a while, because they notice they don’t actually have what they asked for. That is how it worked in alpha 7 when you would move furniture.

Yes they do seem to ask for it to be back in their room, I don’t remember if they still got the mood bonus for putting it back in but they certainly got it when you initially fulfill the request but then cancel it before it is built.

It will actually go red in their prized possessions tab, and they may wish for it again but give no satisfaction points for granting their wish.

It does seem odd to grant it when the plan is laid, but there is no exploit involved (or if they get the mood bonus again, that will be fixed soon™).


Must be a mistake that came with the last update, cause before the update they only completed the wish after it was build.
Noticed that once they have a wish for the colony it needs to be build, but if it’s a wish for their own a blueprint is enough.

It’s like this since alpha8 release ^-^ i’ve read somewhere Ponzel saying it’s normal.