Wish list Items to add to the game

This game has me totally enchanted. I wish it more and more content would be added. I only have one small idea right now but I wanted to make a thread for other people to add their ideas too.

I’d love to see a man cannon added to the game. I think it would be hilarious to shoot your men across the map. The graphics and theme of the game would match up so nicely with a type of fun item like that. Plus it would be nice to have a faster way of travel around the map if you wanted to spread out. Imagine having man cannon towers shooting men across the map as they go to and from their job. Or if you just needed to exterminate an undesirable member it would be nice to shoot him into the ocean.

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Hi again :slight_smile:

Great comments… :smiley:
Really enjoyed the mental imagery of Foundies flying across my islands

As to how practical it would be to make, that may be another question. If you enjoy computer games or are artistic, then you can always look at Mods to create something that you think is missing from the game.

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I’m a bit computer illiterate when it comes to the more advanced stuff but I’ll look into making mods after I’ve played the game vanilla for a bit.

There’s Tennessee of little things I’d love to see added, most of them being purely esthetic. This game just has that type of unique and charming beauty to it that would make it great for sandbox building.

BATTLE COWS! This game needs armour for cows and a means to lead them into assaults!