Windows 11 and Founder's Fortune

There is always a bit of apprehension when there is a new edition of your operating system, but I have to say that the new version of Microsoft Windows 11 is definitely worth the upgrade.

Most importantly: how are all your favourite games going to perform?

After playing a few old game saves and starting a new game, I had forgotten why I started in the first place… :laughing:
So yes, Founder’s Fortune works very well in Windows 11 and from my testing it should be a very smooth transition over to the new operating system.

What with all the great new updates that Daniel has performed in the core program (FF version 1.1.4) the game now performs better than ever.

FF_Win11_01jul_575 (476 x 226)

For everyone whom likes to play in ‘Windowed Mode’ with a full screen, but needs to regularly check an App or answer a phone call, then the convenient resizer box will allow you to keep your game going while you pick up that call.

Although many icons have changed, they are all easy to find.

The Windows 11 upgrade will probably be launched in October 2021 and will be available to new system builders much earlier.

So in the mean time, just enjoy the game :grin:

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Thanks for checking it out, glad to see it working well!