Win10+Avast Warning

Windows first tells me that it may be a dangerous app being installed and Avast tries to block it as well sending it to its Lab

Avast has blocked me from installing for 2h waiting for the lab i guess :confused:

Win 10 does the same thing to me

Hi @Raistorm and @Windy4sun.

So the reason that this is happening is that Windows (and Avast) doesn’t trust unknown developers by default as a security message.

In order to deactivate these security checks, we need to buy a certificate which costs a yearly fee. (Or be on Steam, they have a certificate of their own).

You can disable the Windows message by clicking on “more information” and then on “run anyway” when the warning comes. Not sure how to configure Avast at this point.

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Avast seems fine now after 2h i tried again and it didnt stop me so i guess its was found to be safe ? :wink:

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Thanks for the information. I am glad that it is just a certification problem. I am glad that Win 10 does have a security check. It saves me some headaches when looking through the internet.

Certification seems like it cost much money. :money_mouth_face:

On a happier note, I really like your game. I could not resist and bought it. Hope it helps you as you develop this awesome game. :):smiley:

Glad you like it so much! It helps for sure :smiley: