Will we ever get an integrated roundabout builder? or at least fix some mechanics so that you can make a few curved roads between a + shaped interchange without ending up with this monstrosity :(

With some clever tricks you can get a rather round intersection like you want already

Step by step:

  1. Build intersection
  2. Connect two sides and extend 1 square out from them
  3. Select the road and tweak the bezier lines so it becomes roundish
  4. Repeat on the other side
  5. Delete the temporary 1 square streets and connect the other two sides
  6. Repeat step 3 on the new roads
  7. Tweak curves until happy and optionally delete roads in the center And done

Very nice and design unashamedly stolen! (especially as I can’t get trains to work consistently correctly and am now reverting to roads for all logistics).

oh sweet, dont know why i didnt think of just curving the road afterwords lol, thanks

You bothered to do a step-by-step guide?

Edit: Looks sick though, and works

that suggests there’s an original way of creating a roundabout. I sure can’t think of any.

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