Will Patreon become a thing?

Hi Guys :smiley:

Earlier today I was watching some videos from another developer I follow.
Some of what I saw was his monthly transparency post. (A post about how he spends his money on the different part of developing) It really dawned on me how expensive developing is! That brought me to wonder about you guys, and about your budget. His main source of income is Patreon and I was wondering if it was something that you would consider doing? Either as a second stream of income or to develop Infraspace?

Have a good day :grinning:

It really dawned on me how expensive developing is!

Oh yeah, for many people that’s surprising to learn. When people work full-time on an indie game, the price tag is usually in the 6-figure range.

Our last game was successful enough to allow us to fund the development of InfraSpace. Sure, a Patreon would mean more money, but for most devs it’s a small amount and the more web presences I need to manage the less time I can spend on the game.

So, right now, we pass on the extra money Patreon might bring and focus on the game instead :slight_smile: