Will it be a multiplayer mode?


Stupid question maybe, but will it be a multiplayer mode one day?

I would love to be able to play with some friends.
Maybe each of us could have a village of his own on the same map and help each other (during winter for exemple?)

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From a technical perspective, it’s totally doable.
From a game production perspective, we don’t have the funding to do this properly. Let’s rather make a great singleplayer game than a bad multiplayer game. If a lot of people buy FF, maybe that may change.
From a game design perspective, it’s a little difficult when the players can’t agree on whether to pause the game or run on 2x speed :smiley: But maybe we can find a solution for that.

Thank you for your answer!

I’ve never developped a game, but I can imagine that a multiplaye rmode is a lot of work.
Let’s hope you’ll sell it well then :wink:

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maybe a 2v2 mode, start on same island opposite sides. maybe up to 4v4. fixed game speed 1.5~

more solutions? :slight_smile:

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Would you really want to play this kind of game vs. other players? Think about all the time you have to invest in your colony. Building and taking care of your colonists is the core feature after all. :thinking:
We’d have to change the multiplayer so much that it would be an entire different game in the end… There are good competetive RTS like AoE, Warcraft or Starcraft that already do a good job on that.

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Very good point. That’s much why Civ multiplayer is out of the question. I wouldn’t prioritize pvp in FF, but it’s a good idea that could fill a void later on if development continue and ideas are starved. Up until that point I fully agree with Daniel to have full focus on pve.

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Good to have you on board on this one :wink: I really like multiplayer (mostly coop tbh). But just like with Stardew Valley, we’ll make a (hopefully) good singleplayer experience first.

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