Will InfraSpace migrate away from Unity?

Unity has decided that it needs more money and that they will grab it.

Will InfraSpace move to another engine after the 1.0 release?

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Good question and big topic.

What I can say so far:

  • We’re 100% focused on the release for now. Unity may walk back some changes or not. We’ll see.
  • InfraSpace will not switch engines, it’s too far in development
  • Our next game… I don’t know yet. There’s too many considerations to lay them out in one post. I imagine that some time after release when I have time I’ll check out other options.

Needless to say, what Unity wants is bananas. If they asked for a rev share instead of basing it on a magic number of installs that they estimate in secret each month, at least it’d be a plannable expense.

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