Why is the outgoing storage full on these concrete factories?

All the concrete factories you see here have a full outgoing storage, except the ones that have smoking chimneys. I have the same problem with my steel mills that are off-screen to the left.

I also have a material storehouse to the north of here. The factories with the smoke do send their trucks there, but like 90% of them are just sitting there with full outgoing storages. As you can see, I have a bit of a concrete shortage, so I’d really like all my factories to transport the concrete to the storehouse and keep making new ones.

I have districts set up but they are exporting concrete to the district with the storehouse and their own district.

Edit: link to bigger picture.

Well this image is not very helpful since it does not display the districts.
Try to make this “patch” of concrete making an independent one without any connection to the rest of your areas. Sulfur mines, Sand mines, Concrete plants, 3-4 storage areas and the required power of course. Disable ANY districts or just delete that green “export rules” arrows and see what happens.

Check my setup:

A general display of districts

Sand export rules

Note 1: That road to the left does not lead anywhere
Note 2: I am trying to deal with traffic cause traffic jam is preventing the sand mines delivering to the concrete factories up-right. (Those 4 factories up-right are brand new)

It does look like some concrete trucks are leaving the area to left. So I’m going to guess your concrete factories are trying to export to another building like a spaceship construction facility. That building’s incoming storage is at capacity so your concrete factories are jammed up.

Try deleting that last bit of road on the left or if you are bringing other materials into this area make it a one way.

As Lungoricano suggests also it’s a great idea to isolate concrete and steel production from any other roads entirely.

This is my modest setup for concrete:

Hey guys, thanks for the help. I did indeed have my steel and concrete feed into a Spaceship construction facility set to repair the hull. However, after deleting the road leading there the problem still persists. Here are some more screenshot of my situation:

Here is my setup. Both the steel and the concrete factories are separated from all my other infrastructure.

(I have to use imgur links from now on because I can only post 1 embedded media thingy)
Here are the districts I’ve set up. 1 for the steel, 1 for the concrete and 1 with the warehouse.

As you can see, both steel and concrete are set to export their respective products to the warehouse district. And also a shot showing that the warehouse is indeed reachable for the concrete plants, however the outgoing storage is still full.

It looks to me without that link to spaceship construction this should work fine… So I think at this stage I’d try deleting the districts and see if that helps. If not try moving the warehouse right next to the factories and finally delete the factories and rebuild. You could test just one factory first.

Could you show the export rules for concrete just to be sure?

You have to build more Warehouses.
A single Warehouse can only take about one truck every second.

On medium game difficulty, you need 1 Warehouse for every 5 Concrete Factories.
And 1 Warehouse for every 8 Steel Factories.

Hey, do you mean this?

This seems to be it. I added a bunch more warehouses and most of the factories started sending out trucks. Still not all of them (I build 8 warehouses while I have 25 concrete factories) but I’ll play around with this a bit and see what happens. Thanks!

I’m so glad Chieri solved this problem for you =D I am suprised this was the solution though, whenever I was lacking in warehouses I’d get a huge queue of traffic waiting to get in. Perhaps it was patched =]

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