Why do trucks refuse to turn left in to their destinations?

A few times now I’ve been frustrated with why my Electronics facilities (not pictured) aren’t getting resources fast enough, and noticed that the delivery trucks are driving all the way to the end of the road just to turn around and come back, wasting all that time and space because they don’t like turning left in to their destinations. Why is that? Can we get some way to change this?

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better than the alternative a lot of the time

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This problem happens when the truck from the supply building is already driving and you change the path to the destination (by modifying the road or moving the building)
It will fix itself after a few minutes.

Exactly. I’ve noticed this too after changing the path that trucks are currently on. Can create quite the jam up and confusion when 100 trucks show up on roads they shouldnt be on just to do a U turn :sweat_smile:
It does eventually sort itself out.
Even more fun with round trip traffic on haha

You can move your screen left and right. I think that is the only way.

they do sometimes but if they can make a u-turn and do a right turn instead chances are they will

I add one-way roads to the end of stubs to force them to turn left because otherwise they do all sorts of weird circles.
I see it happen even on a freshly constructed road.

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