Whishes bookshelf


congratulations for this games, it’ s very good !!

I construct a bookshelf but whishes “get a bookshelf in his room” don’t valid …

think you for your return

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it works

i construct bookshelf in room with bed of guys :slight_smile:

Hi @vears, welcome to the forum!

Great to hear you figured it out and thanks for the nice words :slight_smile:
How’s your game been going?

Hi @Daniel,
I just spent my second winter, I have 5 characters, I just built the kitchen.

on the other hand I do not master all the mechanics of the game since my level of English is bad, I am French;)

after a few hours of play I can already make a return on:

you would need an indication when you select one of the characters in the list of characters at the bottom left of the screen

see his character when he is hiding behind a tree and we have selected him

a place to store axes, etc.

good continuation !

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It would be very nice if the bookshelf were a workshop item. Who have a bookshelf in their bedroom?

vears. A little green diamond appear above the head of selected colonist. You can double click the colonist and camera will take you there, but you are right. They may be completely hidden behind a tree, until you change your camera angle :slight_smile:

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Hey vears, thanks for the feedback!

Also, don’t worry about your english level, it’s fine :slight_smile: Actually, @CdriX wanted to work on the french translation, I hope that’s going to be helpful to you.

An indication in the bottom left is on our list and place to store tools is there as well. Making the character visible behind trees and walls brings some challenges with it, that we’ll postpone for now :slight_smile:

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You’re talking about wishes, right? Maybe “having a bookshelf in their house” is a better solution.