Where is the download link?

I just bought the game, got the receipt emailed to me but no download link. I also can’t find one on the site. :frowning:

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Hi obo, thanks for the support!

You should have received 2 emails by now. One with the receipt and one with the download link.
Please also double check your Spam folder.

If you still can’t find any email with a download link, pm me your order ID and I can retrieve the link for you.

How do I pm you? I can’t find the option for it on your page

Simply click on my name or image, there should be a menu popping up with a “Message” option.

This is all that pops up :confused:

Sorry for your trouble @obo.
I’m guessing this is because your account is still new on the forum.

I sent you a pm, you should be able to answer that.
Otherwise, send me an email at daniel@foundersfortune.com