What is the rate at which the population grows?

Is there a set rate at which the population grows? Is it dependent on the average habitat level, the number of habitats, the number of space ports, and/or other stuff? If so, what’s the math behind that stuff?

New pops are spawned at the spaceport. There is a spawn rate, but it’s a hidden value. I suppose you can time it though.
Basically, if there’s room in your habitats and the average housing level is up to a certain standard (the space port info card will tell you that) the spaceport keeps spawning pops until either is no longer true.

I think having more spaceports lets you grow quicker too.
There’s a stat in there “Number of colonists waiting to move in” (something like that) and with one spaceport, that keeps going up, but if you add loads, it seems to decrease.

In always just add the one spaceport. I don’t see the need for more than one.

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It isn’t necessary, I just feel like it speeds up immigration.
Plus it adds more ships, which are fun to watch :smiley:

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Depends, I use a segmented population build approach so each housing superblock gets a spaceport. 4 blocks of 30 residential units make a superblock. Still working out how to adjust this with the recent updates though as stadiums don’t quite work out correctly now, though schools got much easier to deal with :stuck_out_tongue: