What is the quest condition?

ANG : Hello!

  1. How much and what food you need to keep in stock?
    Whether it is impossible more precisely to describe desire? What do they want ? To prepare themselves, or that there was some stock in the colony, or to eat lots of different foods. Of Russian localization is not clear.
  2. Why not plant Apple trees and cotton? Their (Apple) is little or not at all on the map.
  3. Why do the settlers take food from the shelf on either side through the wall of the house, and not from where the marker stands?
  4. Why did the colonists require everything in your house if their business they enter into any house ignoring the door?
  5. Why do we need doors if they do not work as an obstacle from entering a dwelling?
    These are the questions which I remember and want to understand if it will work in the future.

RUS : Сколько и какой пищи нужно иметь в запасе?

  1. Нельзя ли точнее описывать желания? Что они хотят ? Готовить много сами, или чтобы был какой-то запас в колонии, или съесть много разной еды. Из русской локализации это не понятно.
  2. Почему нельзя садить яблони и хлопок? Их (яблонь) бывает мало или нет вообще на карте.
  3. Почему поселенцы берут еду с полки с любой стороны через стену дома, а не с той где стоит маркер.
  4. Зачем колонисты требуют всякое в свой дом, если по своим делам они заходят в любой дом игнорируя двери?
  5. Зачем нужны двери если они не работают как препятствие от проникновения в жилище?
    Это те вопросы которые сейчас помню и хочу понять будет ли это работать в дальнейшем.
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  1. Can you write in English what the wish asks?

  2. Some maps have more cotton and apples, others have less. In future there may be an option to plant/move them.

  3. https://forum.foundersfortune.com/t/interacting-through-a-wall/629/7?u=xaviien

  4. If I live next to my best friend, I can enter and use their kitchen, but I still want my own kitchen.
    Not sure if I understand, sorry!

  5. Working doors were removed because of problems. In future they may return.

On Discord there is a Russian and a Ukranian channel:

Maybe they could more easily understand to answer some of your questions.

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Hi! One more piece of information:

There is a bug in Alpha 8.0.4 about food expectations in late game colonies. Some people have “favorite food: Apple Strudel” for example. They will only eat Apple Strudel and then complain that they don’t have variety. Oops :smiley:

The solution for now is to simply force them to eat other food or remove the favorite food trait for now. Fix update will come :slight_smile:


In Alpha 8.0.5, the problem with your favorite food is not fixed?

Daniel, you are sorry, but I sent another letter there with questions and clarifications. Or is it better to write here?

In the Russian localization sounds like ‘hopes for the best food.’
Most likely the problem is within the ‘apple strudel’. Remove it from the settler and check it out.
I thought this was a good trait and it should raise the morale of the colonist, but on the contrary, it creates problems.

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In 8.0.5 it is fixed!

It is better to write here, or in Discord.

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