What can terraforming accomplish?

The terraforming update is coming along nicely. All the art assets and effects look grate and the ideas about integrating it into the production process sound grate. However, reading the notes and updates, the focus seams to be on aesthetics and not function. Basically my question is: how will terraforming the planet effect our colonies from a mechanical perspective? Will we no longer need to produce oxygen? Will food production expand to full blown agriculture? Will buildings be cheaper as they no longer need to be airtight? Will we have to deal with the weather that may or may not occur? Or at least, will it give us some kind of universal bonus? I’m thinking like the Eco balance in Anno 2070. The better the climate, the less goods the colonist demand.


It woiuld also be nice if the Tier 1 food processing factories would become kitchens and you could place large paddy feilds generating food out of water and seeds(could be a natural resource) which couild further be cooked into good meals in the kitchens.

I would actually love an answer to W-corp’s question from the developers. Aside from making the planet look pretty, what are the benefits to terraforming?

i would also like to know.

Right now, it looks like it just changes the color of the world to green, at the cost of a massive amount of time and resources.

Yeah, I’ve noticed and I’m not gonna lie, it’s disappointing. I know, the devs said, that they will focus on polishing up for the 1.0 release from this point, but I hope, this will be changed. It doesn’t need to fundamentally alter the gameplay (tho logically, it should), but at least, it should give some kind of buff. You know, to reward the effort.

Edit: I forgot about the adamantine drill. I thought adamantine would be used to construct some of these terraforming buildings (cuz adamantine goes into the warehouse). So like terraforming , it too is just there to look pretty. Adamantine could be used for a final ship upgrade to give a “Mission accomplished” massage for closure.

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